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Upgrades from Vibro Etching Pens - Case Study

Upgrades from Vibro Etching Pens - Case Study

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With the new marking machine our rework on serial numbers has reduced to zero

Phil | Manufacturing Engineer


Key advantages of a dot peen marking machine over a vibro-etch pen:

Key Points

  • No ambiguous, poorly written characters
  • Right first time marking
  • Accurate location of mark on component, ensuring it is always legible
  • Easy, automatic incrementing of serial numbers and cross-check that a serial number has not been marked previously
  • Faster marking
  • Mark characters which can be read by camera as well as humans (OCV - read more here)
  • Ability to apply a barcode as well as human readable characters for cross-check
  • Addition of more complex marks - logo, CE mark, safety information