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Optical Character Verification - Case Study

Optical Character Verification - Case Study

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Optical Character Verification ensures a guaranteed level of mark quality where human readable marks are required. The image record provides vital evidence for manufacturing engineers.

David Ray | Pryor Technical Director


Optical Character Reading (OCR) has become commonplace with desktop PC applications to input text from existing printed documents to editable format.

Using this technology, combined with the latest machine vision systems and lighting configurations, a metal indented mark can be automatically read and fed into logging or reporting databases and spreadsheets, or used as an input for further process control.

Optical Character Verification (OCV) takes this technology to the next level. By analysing each alphanumeric character against a defined standard, the quality of the mark can be instantly checked to ensure it will survive the product life cycle without any ambiguity. The verification image is stored as evidence for future quality checks.