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Component Traceability - Case Study

Component Traceability - Case Study

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The customer needed the solution to not only meet the challenge of providing traceability right through the process, but also to be automated to remove the need for constant attention by a production engineer

David Ray | Technical Director


  1. Inkjet alphanumeric code applied to wax pattern of component.
  2. Cast alphanumeric code read by camera and same data reapplied as large, deep, dot marked Data Matrix code.
  3. Code is read using Pryor Data Matrix Reading Station at each of 20 manufacturing process step. Time, conditions, machine, operator data are logged against individual components.
  4. Deep mark is read and same data reapplied as smaller, lighter Data Matrix code. Original deep mark is machined off from final component.
  5. Data Matrix code recorded at additional 30 manufacturing and finishing process steps.
  6. Code is read on final part and packaging labels printed by Pryor software with full identification and manufacturing data.